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The golden age of Sri Lanka civilization at Polonnaruwa in the heart of our famed cultural triangle

Sri Lanka was a land of kingdoms, and few places better reflect this ancient heritage than Polonnaruwa, which lies at the heart of our famed Cultural Triangle. The city’s revered ancient structures now lie in ruins, but they still reflect the power and influence of our royal antecedents and the influence of Buddhism.

Sri Lanka celebrates 50 years of tourism 0

Sri Lanka celebrates 50 years of tourism

Fifty years of Sri Lanka Tourism are being celebrated with a series of events that include special talks and videos produced by a group of hand-picked foreign visitors.


Kumbura Eco Lodge, Sigiriya

“Kumbura is my dream come true. Ever since I inherited this plot of land from my grandfather, I had always imagined that it might be possible to build something beautiful which I could share with the world.”


Mihintale, sacred mountain peak

The mantra ‘make peace, not war’ may have been minted on Sri Lanka’s sacred Mihintale mountain peak by the ancient king who introduced Buddhism to this tropical sceptered isle a millennium ago.


Matale, heart of the Cultural Triangle

If variety is the spice of life, Matale, which lies at the heart of Sri Lanka’s fabled Cultural Triangle, is a cornucopia of experiences that underlies the richness of this tropical island paradise.