Sri Lanka? Wonderful. Colombo? Terrible. Thanks, Suhas107!

We all know how TripAdvisor rules the world. If you’re not on it, you should be, and if you are, you sometimes wish you weren’t.

But now and again something crops up that’s worth your time and effort to read—like this post from an Indian visitor Suhas107, who hails from Bombay.

A level 3 contributor (11 reviews), he describes our Paradise isle as “perfect for a one week/10 day getaway. Fly out on Friday night, fly back in on Sunday night”.

“Ideally you can spend one night each in Kandy and Nuwara Eliya and the rest in Galle and surrounding beach towns.”

He’s written the post “to help fellow Indian travellers on their path to discovering this beautiful country”, although he’s none too polite about our capital city.

“Should you visit Colombo? No, you shouldn’t! It is tedious, dirty and chaotic – just like any other under-developed Indian city. The airport is to the north in a place called Negombo. You can bypass Colombo completely to get to the tourist spots.” That’s telling us!

On the other hand, he loves our cusine: “Seafood is amazing, and not spicy at all (compared to our food of course). You can select a seafood dish at random and you’ll end up with something brilliant every time.”

Except for the chicken. “Chicken curries are not really that good. We went to this one place in Galle that does a 10 curry platter. Nine were veg, one was chicken. The chicken one was by far and away the worst.”

Still, let’s not cavil. Suhas107 loved Sri Lanka, and you can read his full report here.

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