‘Caring and sharing’ tuk-tuk drivers ‘trained as tour guides as well as drivers to foreign tourists’

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‘Caring and sharing’ tuk-tuk drivers ‘trained as tour guides as well as drivers to foreign tourists’


Good news for foreign visitors to Sri Lanka! The ubiquitous tuk-tuk, everyone’s favourite form of transport, is going tourist friendly!

‘Caring and sharing’ are the new watchwords for a government scheme aimed at ensuring that tuk-tuk drivers put their best faces forward.

Says the Global Times: “The ‘Tourist Friendly Tuk Tuk Program’ aims at providing a safer, friendlier and high-quality tourism-related services to foreign visitors.”


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The government has issued certificates approved by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) to over 750 tuk tuk drivers in the capital Colombo.

These state that the drivers “have been trained as tour guides as well as drivers to local and foreign tourists”.

Meanwhile, the drivers are urged to learn more foreign languages—such as Chinese, Indian, Japanese, German, Arabic, English—to provide better services to the tourists.


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Tuk-tuks are an essential mode of public transport inSri Lanka, with well over 1 million currently on the streets throughout the island, particularly in tourist hot-spots.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that “tuk tuk’s are a popular mode of transportation in Sri Lanka and this program will economically strengthen the tuk tuk drivers”.

“So all of these drivers present today have been approved by the government as they have undergone training and are well qualified. We hope more drivers will join this program in the future.”

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