Glamping in style at Sri Lanka’s top luxury tented camps near Wilpattu National Park nature reserve

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Glamping in style at Sri Lanka’s top luxury tented camps near Wilpattu National Park wildlife reserve


Wendy, pictured above, describes herself as a travel addict, foodie and bon vivant, with haute cuisine very much top of her menu of experiences not to be missed.

She says: “Hopefully my stories inspire you and give you the final push to book the journey you are dreaming about.”

Thus her blog WorldWideWendy is a pean celebrating the good life, and her latest post looks at luxury tented camps around the world—including three centred on Wilpattu National Park in Sri Lanka.


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First up is Leopard Trails, which offers upscale accommodation in air-conditioned tents a short drive from the main gate of Wilpattu, the largest national park in the country.

Naturalists accompany guests on the morning and evening drives, sharing information about the landscape and animals that inhabit it.

The package includes meals served with alcoholic and soft drinks, while “the Sri Lankan cuisine served at the camp is delicious and mildly spiced, making it an ideal introduction to the country’s food”.


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Number two, Wilpattu Safari Camp, lies on the very edge of the park, wedged “between the lush jungle of Wilpattu and the rice paddies of the surrounding village”.

Semi-permanent tents are lovingly decorated with colonial-style luxury furnishings, including four-poster beds.

The complimentary meals of Sri Lankan and international food are served on an “elephant-proof” polished concrete table and pre-dinner drinks are served around an inviting campfire.


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Last but not least, Madulkelle Lodge provides luxury tents with bathtubs, big couches, and “all the things great that you wouldn’t even imagine in a regular tent and all the comfort it gives.

We even had wifi connection working properly. The views of the tea plantation was insanely stunning.

To top it all off, “we even saw the sun rise and set, it was amazing there. We also had a small private pool outside our tent with the view of the tea plantation. Of course we had plenty of great tasting tea! When it was getting dark and colder, it was the perfect time to have it”.


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